License Exams

Our club has normally scheduled an exam session for each calendar quarter. We plan to schedule future exam sessions to conform with COVID-19 restrictions.

Previously our club held exams at the East Baton Rouge Main Library. Since the library meeting rooms are not currently available, we will need to find an alternate location. Date(s) and arrangements will be announced on our home page.

We normally start an exam session at 6:00 pm, and ask those taking an exam to arrive by 5:45 pm.

If upgrading, bring a copy of your current license that will be submitted with your application by the Volunteer Examiner Team. If you are taking your first test, we recommend that you register with the FCC and get your FRN number.  This can be used on the forms instead of using your Social Security number.  You can register for the FRN here.

To take a test in person, candidates need to bring the following:
• Pencil(s)
• $15 check made out to ARRL VEC  (We prefer checks, but will also accept cash.)
• Photo ID
• Copy of your current FCC license or CSCE (for those upgrading)
• Calculator – Optional and you must be able to demonstrate that the memories are blank.

We are investigating the remote, online administration of exams, and will announce the arrangements for this option at a later time.