BRARC Members Vote to Approve Updated Bylaws at September 26, 2017 Club Meeting 

The club’s updated bylaws were approved and adopted by the BRARC membership at the September 2017 club meeting. The bylaws had previously been approved for adoption by the Board of Directors at the August 1, 2017 Board meeting.

The updates clarified the club’s membership categories, terms of office and added Public Information and Outreach as well as Finance to the standing committees.

The update of the bylaws continues to reflect the club’s core values and is recorded in the bylaws as follows:

ARTICLE II PURPOSE The Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club is a nonprofit Corporation organized to facilitate the exchange of radio knowledge and information among its members; to promote operating skills; to conduct its programs and activities to be of service to the general public and to educate members and the public concerning Amateur Radio in the areas of public service, emergency communications, and communications technology; to advance the interest and welfare of Amateur Radio.

Thanks to all those that contributed to this update that reinforces the club’s vision and provides guidance for the future.

A copy of the club’s Articles of Incorporation is available here.

Board of Directors Standing Orders

This document outlines tasks and procedure for the board meetings.

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